ANTISCHISM "Antischism" CD

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ANTISCHISM "Antischism" CD

ANTISCHISM "Antischism" CD

Discography collection by long time friends. Everything besides the Still Life album tracks. Essential!

CD in jewelcase packaging

South Carolina's ANTISCHISM remain legend among the peace-punk community for raising the voice of resistance, defiance and hope in the dark years of American hardcore music of the early 1990s. Innovative hardcore with blasting male and female vocal tradeoffs, offbeat guitar attack and throttling drum beats charged with powerful lyrics. Antischism is a singles collection including tracks from the rare All Their Money Stinks of Death 7" EP, End of Time 7" EP, their side of the split Thinning the Herd LP with SUBVERT and various other outtakes and compilation tracks. A complement to their classic Still Life LP, The CD is similar to an ultra limited and long out of print version produced by Clearview records in the mid-1990s, but is now enhanced with new mastering, and layout with all the lyrics presented. The booklet folds out into a mini poster with foil stamped exterior. The art has been culled from their original releases and assembled at Stealworks by John Yates who designed many of the bands original releases. Members of ANTISCHISM went on to play in INITIAL STATE, DAMAD, .FUCKING COM and remain a force in today's hardcore scene in CHRONICLE A.D. , GUYANA PUNCH LINE and KARST


1 Foreign Policy 2:14
2 Scream / Violent World 4:31
3 Salvation Or Annihilation 1:55
4 Flesh Of Another 1:57
5 End Of Time 2:25
6 Big Brother (In Your Bedroom) 2:38
7 Elements Of Oppression 3:43
8 Factory 1:43
9 Roleplay 1:17
10 Lines On A Map 1:46
11 Slaughter 3:15
12 Labels 1:19
13 Freedom At Last 3:50
14 No Hope 2:04
15 Alien Race 1:58
16 Greedy Bastards 2:22
17 Foreign Policy 2:07
18 Salvation Or Annihilation 1:55
19 Flesh Of Another 1:54
20 End Of Time 2:22
21 Big Brother (In Your Bedroom) 2:19
22 Elements Of Oppression 3:37
23 Labels 1:10
24 Factory 1:39
25 Lines On A Map 1:31
26 Where We Stand 1:06
27 Take Your City Back 1:21
28 Scream / Violent World 4:10
29 Sacrifice 0:59
30 Lines On A Map 1:18
31 Path Of Destruction 1:50
32 Mothers 1:20
33 Where We Stand 1:07
34 Fist 2:03
35 Evil God 2:12
This CD is a collection of out of print material from Antischism.

Tracks Taken From:
(1-4) - From The "All Their Money Stinks Of Death" 7" ep.
(5-8) - From The "End Of Time" 7" ep.
(9-13) - From The "In The Face Of Desperation" ep. (Unreleased)
(14-16) - From The "Live In The Studio" 7" ep.
(17-29) - From The "Thinning The Herd" Split LP
(30-31) - From The "End Of Time Plus One" 7" ep.
(32-33) - From The "End Of Time Plus One" (2x7") ep.
+ Original Outakes From The "Still Life" Recording Session.
(34-35) - From Original Demo.

(29) - Originally Written & Performed by Rudimentary Peni.