ASSFORT "Complete Assforterly 1990-'93" CD

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ASSFORT "Complete Assforterly 1990-'93" CD

ASSFORT "Complete Assforterly 1990-'93" CD

Raging Japanese hardcore punk partial discography.

CD in jewel case packaging.
UK import.

Manic Tokyo thrash-lunging straight to the jugular with vicious speed, a thrashing drum attack, insane guitar solos and coarse vocals. ASSFORT were the first classic Japanese styled hardcore band to tour in the United States, unleashing a devastating amount of high energy and flooring audiences on both coasts. They released several records, including a split with CHAOS U.K., on Vinyl Japan Records, a CD on the legendary Selfish label, an EP on the mighty Mangrove label and then two Well received follow up LP's in Japan with a new line up. Drummer Kiku currently plays in the world travelling CONQUEST FOR DEATH with members of ARTIMUS PYLE and WHAT HAPPENS NEXT?.

1 Keep My End Up
2 Get The Drop On
3 No Reason
4 Wait Slow
5 Square Deal
6 No Need For Us To Argufy
7 Five Knuckle Shuffle
8 Not Have A Leg To Stand On
9 Held At The Long Saw
10 Give It Mouth
11 Honest To Goodness
12 Bark Up The Wrong Tree
13 Pretender
14 Bell, Money, God
15 Get On My Nerves
16 Scrag
17 Intelligence
18 P.K.O
19 Royalty

Tracks 1, 2, 3 from "Kakumei 2" (MCR)
Tracks 4 to 11 from the album "Five Knuckle Shuffle" (Selfish)
Track 13 previously unreleased studio recording
Tracks 12, 14 to 19 from "PKO" & "Bark Up The Wrong Tree" (Nat)