BEYOND PAIN "Born To Die: Why Are We Waiting?" 12"

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BEYOND PAIN "Born To Die: Why Are We Waiting?" 12"

BEYOND PAIN "Born To Die: Why Are We Waiting?" 12"

12" ltd to 350 on 150gram oxblood colored vinyl with 11x22 insert.

One of our friends from Dead Beat / Despise You blasting bass on this ripper 12". Fast hardcore/powerviolence/thrash. All killer no filler.

Los Angeles brutal hardcore. There are elements of and nods to genre torchbearers like Apartment 213, Capitalist Casualties, Endless Blockade, Sex Prisoner, or the force of nature that is Despise You, with whom they coincidentally share a member. However, they temper the all-blast, all-the-time ethos of traditional power violence or fastcore with elements of straight up doom and sludge. 4 songs about healing heartbreak and hopelessness in the world that you see today. an exit is certain. existence now futile.

Cries for Fracture
The Pendulum Swings
Born to Die; Why Are We Waiting?

recorded in july 2019 in costa mesa CA by nick townsend.
lyrics by daniel and andrew. mostly daniel.
all instruments performed by beyond pain.
artwork by dominic pabon.
mixed and mastered by nick townsend at townsend mastering.