CHOKEHOLD "Content With Dying" LP

CHOKEHOLD "Content With Dying" LP

CHOKEHOLD "Content With Dying" LP

CHOKEHOLD initially formed in 1991 as a straight-edge hardcore band. Over their brief yet prolific existence, the band evolved into one of most outspoken political bands of the 90’s underground scene: tackling topics as veganism, gay rights, sexism, institutionalized racism and police violence years before it became commonplace in the modern hardcore scene.

The sophomore album by this legendary 90's Canadian hardcore band is available once again! Thirteen tracks of politically charged metallic hardcore, including a remixed version of the 'Tooth And Nail' EP as bonus tracks. All completely re-mastered by Audiosiege, with a brand new layout by Dwid Hellion including lyrics insert, a 24"x24" poster and digital download code.

Track List:
Afraid Of Life
Content With Dying
Not A Solution
Religion On A Stick
You're The Only One
Tooth And Nail
It For What It's Worth
You'll Despise Yourself
S.E.W. (Minimum Wage)

Variant available:
Green/Brown Split vinyl limited to 200 copies