CHRIST ON PARADE "Sounds Of Nature" LP


CHRIST ON PARADE "Sounds Of Nature" LP

Originally released on Pusmort by Pushead, COP is Bay Area political punk that is still held in high regard by Dropdead. Well written heartfelt and powerful hardcore punk that compiles the 12" plus some awesome extras!

LP on 150 gram 1/ Clear 1/2 Green vinyl with 2 sided 11x22 lyric insert.

Classic East Bay Hardcore delivered in a whirlwind of Speed and Anger, with blunt political Punk lyrics, This is a re-issue of CHRIST ON PARADE's earliest material that has been out of print for nearly two decades - the original "Sounds Of Nature" 12" from 1985 on one side, then tracks from THRASHER magazine's Skaterock, Vol.3 Compilation, The original, unreleased version of the "Isn't Life A Dream" 7" and an Unreleased AVENGERS cover on the flip. The packaging of the LP closely replicates the original "Sounds Of Nature" EP on Pusmort Records with a large 11x22" insert of the orginal inner sleeve, complete lyrics and full color photos. Members of CHRIST ON PARADE went on to play in NEUROSIS, BLISTER, ECONOCHRIST and more.


A1 Drop Out
A2 The Plague - Mirror Image
A3 Thoughts Of War
A4 Flash
A5 Chaos Breeder
A6 Another Country
A7 No Truth
A8 Landlord Song
A9 For Your Viewing Pleasure
A10 America The Myth
A11 Human Laboratory
B12 My Life
B13 Don't Draft Me
B14 Things Are Turning A Different Color
B15 Something To Live For
B16 Let Me Explain
B17 What's Love
B18 Words
B19 The American In Me