EXECUTE "A-Z Flexi" 7"

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EXECUTE "A-Z Flexi" 7"

EXECUTE "A-Z Flexi" 7"

Reissue of this Japanese hardcore bomb. This record rips, straight up.

Euro Import, Black vinyl 7"

Reissue of classic Japanese hardcore band EXECUTE debut flexi as hard vinyl.

All genres peak early, followed by uninspiring copycats. As for hardcore, the golden years were 1981 – 1983. Execute hailed from Tokyo Japan and made according to eye witnesses notorious shows. This is their first release (also called the “A – Z flexi” or the “Go to Hell flexi”) and it’s a killer. It’s one of those flexis that lives up to the hype.

The flexi can drive collectors crazy as only 500 copies were made in combination with 3 main sleeve versions (Snake Eye sleeve, Go to Hell sleeve and Hanging corpse sleeve). Within each sleeve version there are small differences among them so it’s said there are 7+ unique sleeve designs.

Enough talk, this flexi is a raw, almost insane release: it’s a killer!


Laughin' Child
Go To Hell
Inside Of Human, Outside Of Human
God Damn
Blood Rain
Peace Japan