G.I.S.M. "Militaly Affairs Neurotic" LP

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G.I.S.M. "Militaly Affairs Neurotic" LP

G.I.S.M. "Militaly Affairs Neurotic" LP


Reissue of the second G.I.S.M. album, a more metal than punk attack, it holds up just as well as Detestation! RIP Randy Uchida!

G.I.S.M. was a Japanese hardcore punk band formed in Tokyo in 1981. Even though the guitar style resembled heavy metal in many aspects, GISM was one of the first Japanese hardcore punk bands, while at the same time drawing influence from the early industrial/avant-garde music scene, something uncommon in punk bands at that time. GISM has attained a cult status in the international punk scene, duly for their unique blend of heavy metal and hardcore punk.
Their second album ‘M.A.N.’, or ‘Military Affairs Neurotic’ was quite a departure from the debut album ‘Detestation’, putting more emphasis on a slower, metal style of music compared to the hardcore punk sound of the previous release.


Good As It Is
Frozen Dirt
Nations Prosperity
Anatomy Love Violence GISM
Meaning Corrupted 1 "Fatigue"
M.A.N. (Military Affairs Neurotic)
Meaning Corrupted 2 "Degeneration"
Meaning Corrupted 3 "Destruction"