HAKUCHI "The Best Works 1991-1994" LP

HAKUCHI "The Best Works 1991-1994" LP

HAKUCHI "The Best Works 1991-1994" LP

Early 90's anthology of this overlooked Japanese crust band, USA pressing!

150 gram black vinyl housed in an old school Stoughton heavy board tip-on jacket, with 2 sided 12x12 inch lyric insert.

Japan's Hakuchi getting the long awaited vinyl treatment they deserve! Hakuchi spanned 1991-1994 releasing several demos, two EP's and a handful of compilation tracks. All of this is documented on this well done discography..
Channeling classic Japanese hardcore with their own unique crust punk style that peaked with their 1993 EP "God's Disturb" released by Overthrow Records.
You can hear the influences of to Amebix and Extreme Noise Terror, but there are other unique elements that surface where you can hear them blazing their own way. A great document start to finish!

A1 Myth And Reality
A2 暴露はされた
A3 核心を問う
A4 Stop The Killing
A5 Filled And Death
A6 Closed Society...?
A7 Boycott
A8 Undemocratic Politics
A9 虚偽虚無
A10 バリケード
B1 後退の一途を
B2 Letter
B3 生存
B4 Monju 44
B5 Black Wind
B6 廃炉
B7 Class War
B8 Slave
B9 Level 7
B10 プロテストソング