KURO "Collection" LP

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KURO "Collection" LP

KURO "Collection" LP

A longtime Dropdead favorite and influence, wish it was a legit reissue, but essential nonetheless. Raw raging Japanese hardcore punk. Mandatory!

European import.
150gram black vinyl reissue.

The latest classic Japanese band to get the "unofficial reissue" treatment is Fukuoka’s Kuro. This record compiles Who The Helpless 8", Fire 7" EP, Pinch and Ouch Compilation tracks, Kuro flexi, 1983 Gig phono sheet flexi, Revival of Death CD tracks.

A1 絶望-X
A2 Human Clash
A3 Body
A4 Who The Helpless
A5 Selfish Cow
A6 お前だ / Omaeda
A7 No More No
A8 A.N.P.R
A9 Lightning Breaks
A10 Furniture Fire
A11 Dead Heat 10000V
B1 Hey! Hey! Hey!
B2 Midnight Baby
B3 Jag Out
B4 Top Less Go
B5 Jag Out (1983 Gig)
B6 Top Less Go (1983 Gig)
B7 Black Empire
B8 No More No
B9 Hell Dive (1986 Gig)
B10 No More No (1986 Gig)