MAGRUDERGRIND "Magrudergrind" LP

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MAGRUDERGRIND "Magrudergrind" LP

MAGRUDERGRIND "Magrudergrind" LP

Crushing album by these DC area rippers. 16 tracks of grind destruction.

Ltd Mint Green marble vinyl, includes 2 sided 12 x 12 lyric sheet.

Recorded at GodCity with Kurt Ballou, Magrudergrind expresses the single-minded focus of their music by keeping their second full-length album (following a slew of split EPs, compiled on 2005's SIXTY TWO TRAX OF THRASH, and 2007's REHASHED). Grindcore is a straightforward full speed ahead, top volume, incomprehensible vocals, roaring guitars, and the omnipresent blastbeats. Magrudergrind are practitioners of the form at its highest level. Their songs are all extremely short, sometimes less than a minute long, with titles like "Assimilated Pollutants" and "Lyrical Ammunition for Scene Warfare." Magrudergrind are happy to have speed and volume serve as their own rewards. Musically, they don't limit themselves to cloning Napalm Death or Siege; they throw some Discharge and even a little Hellhammer into the mix. Basically, anything fast, ugly, and furious works for them. It's hard to say how much longer they can keep charging down this aesthetic blind alley, but grindcore as a genre has shown a remarkable ability to limit diminishing returns despite or maybe because of its minimalism and ferociousness.

1. The Protocols of Anti-Sound
2. Pulverizing Hate Mongers
3. Rejecting the Militant Promise
4. Assimilated Pollutants
5. Abuse of Philanthropic Self Gain
6. Fools of Contradiction
7. Heretics
8. Bridge Burner
9. Cranial Media Parasite
10. Excommunicated
11. The Price of Living By Delinquent Ideals
12. Built to Blast
13. Lyrical Ammunition
14. Rise and Fall of Empires Past
15. Heavier Bombing
16. Martyrs of the Shoah