NOOTHGRUSH "Live For Nothing" 2LP

NOOTHGRUSH "Live For Nothing" 2LP

NOOTHGRUSH "Live For Nothing" 2LP

2LP on 180gram black vinyl housed in an old school gatefold Stoughton tip-on heavy board jacket.

NOOTHGRUSH were definitely their own thing, peripheral to and friends with a lot of their the early 90's power violence contemporaries, they attacked music with the same focus but from a different speed. Absolutely crushing live document.

"Noothgrush helped define an agonizingly slow blend of doom and sludge, a sound carried on by more well known contemporaries Grief and Corrupted. They could groove like Eyehategod but preferred to dwell at lower tempos, dragging riffs like corpses from a combine. A decade before Khanate blew the doors off extreme doom with Things Viral, Noothgrush was one of the standard bearers of for super-slow, ultra-crushing sludge.

Live for Nothing compiles two live radio shows, 18 tracks totaling over 80 minutes of material from the band at their peak. Brutal and nauseatingly slow, Noothgrush trawl the depths of human misery for inspiration for their brand of bleak dirge. From stoney grooves, to the crawling doom of “Erode the Person”, Noothgrush are bereft of the pretension that plagues so many modern bands. This is no-shit, straight up, heavy-heavy, sludge. Listen to where they take Celtic Frost’s “Procreation of the Wicked” to hear what I mean. Most of the songs are fairly short, coming in under five minutes, and the record moves briskly, despite the pace of the music.

This isn’t dudes in tight pants seeing how many notes they can cram in a riff. It’s a couple of people exorcising frustration and getting in that space where nothing matters but the riff and the tone rumbling through your chest and brain. This is essential listening for doom fans and a vital document of a now lost scene."

A1 Sith
A2 Gage
A3 Jundland Wastes
A4 Evazan
A5 Erode The Person
B1 Derrell's Porno Song
B2 Dianoga
B3 Procreation Of The Wicked
B4 Oil Removed
B5 Made Uncomfortable By Others Pain
C1 Flee From Hunger And Disease
C2 Starvation
C3 Useless
C4 A People Defeated
D1 Derrell's Porno Song
D2 Stagnance
D3 Hatred For The Species
D4 Friends Of Mine

Tracks A1-B3 recorded live at KZSU, Stanford, CA May 1, 1996.
Tracks B4-D4 recorded live at KFJC, Los Altos Hills, CA on June 7, 1999.