OI POLLOI "Unite And Win" LP

OI POLLOI "Unite And Win" LP

OI POLLOI "Unite And Win" LP

Straight up classic Oi Polloi, highly recommended, highly appreciated by all in Dropdead. Great message, great music.

Euro import. Black 180gram vinyl LP in heavy board jacket.

Re-release of Oi Polloi’s first regular album originally in 1987. Contains 12 of their early hits in the band’s unique style, somewhere between rough oi music, anarcho-punk and hardcore. A must have of radical political punk aggression.


Oi! Side
01.Punx \'N\' Skins
02.We Don\'t Need Them
03.Kill The Bill
04.Lowest Of The Low
05.Nuclear Waste
06.Commies And Nazis

Oi-Core Side
07.Pigs For Slaughter (Extended Mix!!)
09.Thrown On The Scrapheap
10.Punx Picnic In Princes Street Gardens
11.Mindless Few
12.Unite And Win