PTL KLUB "Complete Discography" CD

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PTL KLUB "Complete Discography" CD

PTL KLUB "Complete Discography" CD

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PTL Klub from Woburn MA were and are a long time favorite of the Dropdead crew. Overlooked by most "hardcore" fans of the Boston scene of the 80's, these guys were the ugllier, nastier, thrashier and angrier degenerate punk uncles of the Boston scene. The Domenici brothers started PTL after the demise of their KBD era punk band General Foodz. Along with Siege, Psycho, and NH's The Scam they were the angry outsiders of the scene. Truly pissed and with a dark sense of humor, this is essential in my world. Fast, catchy and raw. Dr. Death's vocals worth the price alone. Angry music for angry people.

Complete 1984 - 1987 discography of this great Boston area hardcore punk band. Their demo, comp tracks, all the 7"s and the 13 Commandments LP on one disc.

Psalm #7 Demo Tape 1984
1 Drug Squad
2 Suck Out Loud
3 Big John
4 Hey Harry
5 This Town Sucks
6 Help Wanted
7 Rock N Roll Heaven
13 Commandments LP 1985
8 Real Thing
9 No N.F.
10 Warning
11 Join P.T.L.
12 P.F.J.
13 Corp. Asshole
14 Green Acres
15 No Fun
16 Drunk Driving
17 Ill Feelings
18 God
19 M.X.
20 Suck Out Loud
Compilation Track 1986
21 Constitutional Monarchy
Living Death 7" 1987
22 White Rabbit
23 What's Wrong
24 Sea of Hate
25 Hey Harry
26 Want You Baby
27 Living Death
Living Death 2 7" 1987
28 Want To Die
29 Help Wanted
30 Big John
31 This Town Sucks
32 Drug Squad
33 C.M.
34 Rock & Roll Heaven
Nobody Cares Anymore 7" 1987
35 Why Not Try Suicide
36 Negative Man
37 Sometimes I Feel
38 New American
39 Circus in DC