RAW POWER "Screams From The Gutter / After Your Brain" CD

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RAW POWER "Screams From The Gutter / After Your Brain" CD

RAW POWER "Screams From The Gutter / After Your Brain" CD

Two on one disc by one of Italy's furious hardcore punk thrash bands. Double dose of frantic hardcore.

CD in jewel case packaging.

Raw Power- Screams From The Gutter/After Your Brain CD. This CD reissue combines their essential Paul Mahern (Zero Boys) produced "Screams from the Gutter" record with the mighty follow-up, "After Your Brain" . You get 30 blistering hardcore songs in all with great VINCE RANCID artwork that gives Pushead a run for his money! Includes the absolutely crucial tracks "State Oppesssion", My Boss", "Hate", Nihilist" , "We Shall Overcome" and "You're Fired". When Screams came out in 1985 it was certainly the first Italian HC record to get wide attention in the world of punk, outside of Italy, particularly in the U.S. as it was released by a U.S. label as it was recorded in Indianapolis two thirds into RAW POWER's first U.S. tour. Paul Mahern of Zero Boys produced it at the studio he worked at. It was recorded in one day. This CD combines both absolutely classic and essential Raw Power albums.

1 State Oppression 1:29
2 Joe's The Best 1:52
3 Bastard 0:57
4 A Certain Kind Of Killer 1:08
5 Army 1:36
6 My Boss 1:17
7 No Card 1:28
8 Power 0:51
9 Start A Fight 2:28
10 Don't Let Me See It 2:25
11 Hate 1:59
12 Raw Power 0:59
13 Our Oppression 1:18
14 We're All Gonna Die 1:42
15 Police, Police 1:03
16 Nihilist 1:21
17 Politicians 2:01
18 You Are Fired 2:38
19 Dreamer 1:14
20 We Shall Overcome 2:11
21 Is There Anything You Like 2:35
22 Just Another Cry 2:02
23 What Have We Done 1:45
24 After The Brain 2:56
25 Nothing Better To Do 1:47
26 Keep Out 2:06
27 No Place To Hide 2:13
28 What For 1:50
29 Shut Up 2:05
30 Buy And Pay 2:43

Tracks 1-17 recorded at Hit City Midwest, Indianapolis, Indiana on Sept 4th & 5th 1984. Previously released on Screams From The Gutter in 1985.
Tracks 18-30 recorded at Umbi Studio (MO). Previously released on After Your Brain in 1986.