REPULSION "Horrified" LP

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REPULSION "Horrified" LP

REPULSION "Horrified" LP

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A timeless classic, a huge influence. Without "Horrified", you wouldn't have bands like Napalm Death, Dropdead or any of the countless others influenced by its primitive hardcore like attack. Fast 1-2-1-2 drumming with simple catchy metallic riffs. Still listen to this regularly. A building block for' grindcore", "powerviolence" and for some fast blasting hardcore/thrash. Mandatory.

"REPULSION is the band that introduced the world to insane blasting drums, bone jarring distorted bass, and the most vile lyrics imaginable. Originally released in Europe in 1989 by members of Carcass on their Necrosis Records label, Horrified is a genre pioneering masterpiece that has influenced so many death acts, most notably Napalm Death, Carcass, Entombed and many more"

The Stench Of Burning Death
Eaten Alive
Acid Bath
Slaughter Of The Innocent
Radiation Sickness
Splattered Cadavers
Festering Boils
Pestilent Decay
Driven To Insanity
Six Feet Under
Bodily Dismemberment
The Lurking Fear
Black Breath
Maggots In Your Coffin