SACRILEGE "It's Time To Face The Reaper: The Demos" 2LP

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SACRILEGE "It's Time To Face The Reaper: The Demos" 2LP


2LP vinyl reissue of the legendary Sacrilege demos. Absolutely essential!

Sacrilege emerged from the UK hardcore scene in the mid 80's. Featuring ex members of Warwound and Varukers, Sacrilege took the UK hardcore sounds of the day (Discharge, Varukers, Icons of Filth, Antisect) and mixed in a combination of powerful thrash and metal. The resulting mix was a high energy metal/hardcore hybrid which quickly stood apart from many of the other bands mixing punk and metal at the time. Sacrilege had the killer combination of epic metal songwriting with Tam's scorching female vocals and the power, passion and intensity of hardcore punk. This double LP compiles all four of the bands demos. The early demos lean much more towards hardcore punk, while the later demos show the metal influence coming in stronger. While a lot of bands who mixed punk with metal didn't have the songwriting ability or talent to write memorable metal songs, Sacrilege were equally adept at playing fierce thrash and heavy, driving metal. This double LP was released with full co operation of the band, remastered for vinyl, with a fold out poster sleeve featuring original artwork from the 80's and photos and flyers rarely, or never before published.

Demo 1 (November 1984)
A1 Apartheid
A2 Bloodlust
A3 Dig Your Own Grave
A4 Blind Acceptance
Demo 2 (February 1985)
A5 Stark Reality
A6 Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind
B1 A Violation Of Something Sacred
B2 Bloodrun
Demo 3 (January 1986)
B3 Flight Of The Nazgul
B4 Sight Of The Wise
C1 The Captive
Demo 4 (August 1986)
C2 Search Eternal
C3 The Fear Within
D1 Winds Of Vengeance
D2 Spirit Cry
D3 Insurrection
Live At The Marcus Garvey Center, Nottingham 1985
D4 Battlefield