SOUND OF DISASTER "Lagar Och Förordningar" 7" EP

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SOUND OF DISASTER "Lagar Och Förordningar" 7" EP

SOUND OF DISASTER "Lagar Och Förordningar" 7" EP

Long out of print Swedish Hardcore demo pressed to vinyl! Found some old stock copies!

Their first recorded material was this demo tape from 1983, 13 tracks of raw Swedish hardcore punk.

This is Mjölby, not NY: ‘S.O.D.’ – no, not ‘Stormtroopers Of Death’ – ‘Sound’ Of Disaster’ was a hardcore/thrash band from Mjölby Sweden with Göran Lind (vocals), Magnus Jonsson (drums), ‘Nutte’ Anders Rehn (guitar) & Petri Nyman (bass).

"The band started in February ’83 in a different line-up than on the recordings (an October weekend with several takes in our practice-room). I sat in my room and compiled a tape with the -in my opinion- best versions of all the songs we did. I did all the cassette-copying, the sleeve, etc. myself and sent them all over. Most songs didn’t survive until we did a proper recording about 6 months later. In ’85 we did a 2nd demo, that eventually became 2 7″s: the first released in September ’85 by ourselves and the second in late ’90 by Really Fast recs." - Göran Lind/S.O.D.

A1 Lagar Och Förordningar
A2 Modesvin
A3 We Want
A4 Minioritet
A5 Fuck
A6 Zomos Kommer
A7 Warfare
A8 Sound Of Disaster
B1 Wellpaid Murder
B2 Church Want Power
B3 Låt Djuren Leva
B4 Dator
B5 Fucking Pollution