SVART SNO "Den Sista Spiken I Den Sista Kistan 1987-1997" LP

SVART SNO "Den Sista Spiken I Den Sista Kistan 1987-1997" LP

SVART SNO "Den Sista Spiken I Den Sista Kistan 1987-1997" LP

Great anthology of this overlooked Swedish hc/punk band! Essential Swedish Hardcore!!!!

Euro import. Black vinyl LP in heavy board gatefold jacket.

Finally, almost two decades after their demise - here it is, the ultimate and only Svart Snö compilation. The Last Nail in the Last Coffin, as the Swedish title reads, is a long overdue production for all those who were too young when the band was around, while it can serve as the finest best-of record for the rest of us. This album presents the band's development all the way from their raw and straightforward first demo in 1988 up to their much more well-produced swansong eight years later.

Svart Snö broke through the boredom of their Stockholm suburbs in 1987, at a time when the punk scene in Swedens capital city really needed just them. They came around bringing an injection of anger, energy and fastness that bore testimony of local predeccesors - bands such as Agoni, Mob 47 and Crudity - but Svart Snö also managed to add their own flavour of less predictable hardcore punk into their potion. This at a time when most punk bands in Stockholm either did their best to recapture the more poppier sounds of 1977 or were heading toward the speed- and deathmetal cage.

Over the years Svart Snö managed to keep evolving musically, sometimes blending their roots in solid hardcore with a dirty rock'n'roll-ish sound. Always melodic in their own brand of rowdiness, Svart Snö weren't interested in just copying other bands, neither musically nor lyric-wise - where they managed to put across their political messages with an often humorous twist.

Long awaited, now finally ready for your ears. This is Svart Snö's finest hour (or 47 minutes, to be precise). Digitally remastered at Communichaos Media Clay Station - 20 songs alive and kicking from the coffin - selected by the band members themselves from all of their releases and compilation records 1988-1987, plus two previously unreleased tracks.


A1 Döda Mig
A2 Ismer
A3 Veteran
A4 Bevakad
A5 Klättra Mot Himlen
A6 Den Civiliserade Apan
A7 Ett Väl Utvecklat Vansinne
A8 Explodera
A9 Komfort
A10 Vem Stal Mitt Marsvin?
A11 Viljans Triumf
B1 Ingen Sång I Den Nya Vintern
B2 Fisk På Torra Land
B3 Varje Val
B4 Vilsen Men På Väg
B5 Den Enda Sanna Kärleken
B6 Jag Srattade Och Spydde Samtidigt
B7 Karl För Sin Hatt
B8 1000 Religioner
B9 Levande Död
B10 Ren, Säker Och Billig
B11 Den Sista Spiken I Den Sista Kistan