VARIOUS "Every Winter Is Cold: A New England Hardcore Compilation" LP

VARIOUS "Every Winter Is Cold: A New England Hardcore Compilation" LP

VARIOUS "Every Winter Is Cold: A New England Hardcore Compilation" LP

LP on 150gram on Dark Marble colored vinyl with 12x12 insert.

Just a sampling of whats going on in New England right now. There's a lot of great things happening right now: check stuff out, go to shows again when it's possible, buy records, keep things moving. Just do something.

"In the tradition of ” This is Boston not LA”, ” New York Hardcore: The Way It Is” and “Let Them Eat Jellybeans” comes this killer comp, just like the 3 classic releases listed above this record perfectly captures whats going on in the North East at this very moment. 18 tracks of hardcore/punk that covers every genre from Powerviolence to Melodic HC to a more Youth Crew sound. Almost every band on here is very active, and newer bands are equally represented along some more “seasoned” bands." - Jason Hook

"I might be biased living in New England, but I feel like there are more great bands around here than I can even keep track of right now. Leave it to Atomic Action to remind me, by dropping eighteen tracks from new and long-time favorites for me to get stoked on. Every Winter Is Cold includes tracks from Dropdead, Brother, Antagonize, Corrode, Kind, Restraining Order, Vantage Point, and more. All eighteen bands on the compilation are currently active and deserve your support." Paul/Razorcake

"I have never been a big fan of compilation albums. For the most part, you’re lucky if there are a few good bands on the compilation worth checking out and the rest, well you probably would never listen to again. This compilation proves me wrong. Atomic Action Records has put out, in my opinion, one of the best compilation albums I have ever listened to. Eighteen bands out of New England prove to us hardcore is still alive and well." - Dave/InEffectHardcore

Bands Featured:

Restraining Order
Holy Hands
Vantage Point
Boiling Point
Peace Test
Spring Tide

Mastered by Nick Townsend from Townsend Mastering
Recorded at different places at different times.
Trevor Vaughn selected the order of the tracks