ACROSTIX "Dear Daily Life" LP

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ACROSTIX "Dear Daily Life" LP

ACROSTIX "Dear Daily Life" LP

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Covers have light scuffing on back from shipping, nothing too bad. If that's an issue, do not order. Price takes that into account.

LP in heavy board gatefold tip-on sleeve with 2 sided 12x12 insert and screenprinted inner sleeve. Japanese Import.

When they began, Acrostix's sound was initially a more Amebix influenced driven atmospheric crust style. They started to introduce a more Burning Spirits sound starting with the release of "A Chain of Hatred" in 2007, but it wasn't until in 2010 they fully incorporated and unleashed their version of the Burning Spirits sound with "Dear Daily Life". Definitely more Death Side than Amebix on this album. This 3 piece band present an album full of great songwriting and delivering 8 tracks of blistering, driving Japanese hardcore/thrash. It smokes their previous recordings, and deserves repeated regular spins on the turntable.


Scatter The Vortex
Dear Daily Life
Remind Soul
Nuclear Blue
Bloody Faith
Wax & Wane