ASSFORT / CHAOS UK "The Dangerous Study" CD EP


ASSFORT / CHAOS UK "The Dangerous Study" CD EP

Raging Japanese hardcore punk meets UK punk veterans!

CD in jewel case packaging.
UK import.

Manic Tokyo thrash-lunging straight to the jugular with vicious speed, a thrashing drum attack, insane guitar solos and coarse vocals. ASSFORT were the first classic Japanese styled hardcore band to tour in the United States, unleashing a devastating amount of high energy and flooring audiences on both coasts. They released several records, including this split with CHAOS U.K., on Vinyl Japan
A crusty combo featuring two songs each from Britain's and Japan's premier old schoolers. First up is Assfort, with a couple of leather-clad, spiky hardcore rippers and then the inimitable Chaos UK. Though their sound may have mellowed somewhat since the days of tunes like "Kill Your Baby," they still play with all the subtlety of a punch in the head. The closing track, "Killa On Da Loose," finds them taking a stroll through Motörhead territory.

1 Assfort– Egoist Guidance
2 Assfort– Fairyland And Nonchalant
3 Chaos U.K– Gone And Forgotten
4 Chaos U.K– Killa On Da Loose