AUTARKIA “Gobiernate A Ti Mismo” LP


AUTARKIA “Gobiernate A Ti Mismo” LP

LP on black vinyl, ltd to 200 with booklet insert.
Euro Import.

Rough, ultra-crude Mexican fuzzcore punks! Formed in the late ’80s in Mexico State, AUTARKIA were mostly active from 1990 to 1994 releasing 3 tapes, one of which would become their cult full length “Punk’s al slam”, later published on CD and LP. Here’s the official reissue of their debut demo 1993 originally entitled “Sociedad autosuficiente”, recorded prior to “Punk’s al slam”. For the first time on vinyl, mastered from the band’s tapes. Absurdly raw 2-chords tupa tupa hardcore in pure latino-american tradition, recommended if you also like M.E.L.I., MASACRE 68, KAGADA DE PERRO and similar. 16 TRACKS! Includes full colored booklet with lyrics, rare photos and flyers. Made in collaboration with Mierdas Production from Mexico.


A1 Gobiérnate A Tí Mismo
A2 Asco De Tu Cara
A3 ¿Por Qué?
A4 Punk's Al Slam
A5 Canto A La Injusticia
A6 Bajo Control
A7 Esclavizados
A8 Obrero Punk
B1 Eskiz O Frenia
B2 Contaminación
B3 Contra El Sistema
B4 Vive La Sensación
B5 Vida Sin Rumbo
B6 Tú Diles La Verdad
B7 Pelos De Punta
B8 Marginado