AVSKUM "En Annan Varld Ar Mojlig" LP


AVSKUM "En Annan Varld Ar Mojlig" LP

Avskum are back!! Finally!!! Carrying on the classic Avskum sound, musically as good as ever, and Gunnar's vocals are fucking great!

Ltd Ultra Clear vinyl housed in a heavy board sleeve with insert.

Sweden’s Legendary D-Beat Band AVSKUM return with their first new album since 2008, “ En Annan Värld Ar Möjlig" ( Another World Is Possible). Their fifth album has 17 new tracks of rage filled D-beat hardcore supporting Indigenous rights, Self-determination and attacking Fascism, Militarism, Misogyny and political corruption. Avskum’s sound has it’s roots in their 1982 origins at the earliest stages of Swedish hardcore punk, with harshly screamed vocals and quick blasting songs, underlined over the ensuing decades by a rock driven heaviness with searing guitar solos, thundering bass lines and rampaging drum attack. Recorded by Kenko at Communichaos Studios, the album features guest vocals from Tompa from At The Gates / Disfear, TB from Asocial / Uncurbed and Mattis from Makabert Fynd. With two stunning cover illustrations by Jordan Barlow to hammer home their vision of empowerment and resistance.


A1 Snutarna I Huvet
A2 En Annan Värld Är Möjlig
A3 Knarkare Är Starkare
A4 Klinisk Jävla Dödsdrift
A5 They Put Our Souls In The Killbox
A6 Stormtroopers Of Misogyny
A7 Den Heliga Darens Återkomst
A8 Ickevaldsprincipen
A9 Souldead Retrieval
B1 Schmutz
B2 Borders And Deportations
B3 Fascismens Död
B4 Rasstatens Altare
B5 Darkista
B6 Snaran En Bit Fran Halsen
B7 Fred, Karlek Och Folkmord
B8 This Silence Is A Violence