AVSKUM "Punkista" CD

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AVSKUM "Punkista" CD

2002 album by long time Swedish hardcore punk friends. Great and catchy as hell!

CD in jewelcase packaging

Charged and furious, classic Swedish Punk carved out of D-Beat and DISCHARGE, blasting with hoarse vocals and a wall of guitars. This is the third album by Swedish legend's AVSKUM, who have existed on and off the Swedish hardcore punk scene since the early 1980s. This LP is marked with unique twists and turns that challenge and defy the formula while satisfying both fans of the bands old dirgy style "Ingen Manniska Ar Illegal" and full on DISCHARGE style attack "Children of war". Vital and powerful, Punkista was recorded at Sunlight Studios (Entombed) in 2002.


Fight Back Capitalism
Blod Röd
State Terrorism
Ingen Människa Är Illegal
Slå Tillbaka
Losers Union
I Hate Your Fucking War Song
Svinens Sång
The Master And Slave System
The Punk Empowerment
United States Of War
Welcome To The Fatland
Fight Back Racism
The Children Of War