BASTARD COLLECTIVE / MMZ split LP Ltd Colored Vinyl



Essential reimagining of the MITB/BN world with founding members exploring new and essential sounds. Mind altering sonic workouts!

LP on clear/w red and pink swirl, includes two posters, 20 page booklet, 3 stickers, resealing polybag with hype sticker. Ltd to 200

Mike Meanstreez, "Under a Cloak of Violence" - tape, electronics, nylon guitar and drums. Engineered and performed by Mike Meanstreez at Test Kitchen October 2020.

Bastard Collective, "The Man and His Evil Tower" - Bass and drums recorded at The Kiki Hut Hideout August 2020. Vocals and electronics recorded October 2020. Engineered by Mike Meanstreez - Side A cover art by Lane Jacobus. Composed in three days.

Polaroids composed in the booklet by Austin Wayne.
Pressed at Musicol Records Summer 2022
Print work by Printivity San Diego
Stickers by Print Runner Texas
Jacket by Stoughton Printing Co

"Last week I was lucky to preview a new recording by Mike Meanstreetz with BARNES & SNARB of Amps for Christ (from a split 12″ with massive-maestros Bastard Collective on Black Claw Records). The first track plunges earpopping deep into magnetic tape manipulation. The long tradition of MINDBENDING music which was made possible (& simply cannot be created without) this medium is “tape”. Absolutely took me to a time & place I had not been in far too long." NELSON (MITB/BASTARD NOISE/AMPS FOR CHRIST)

Track Listing:

A. The Man And His Evil Tower
B. Under A Cloak Of Violence