BOLT THROWER "The Peel Sessions 1988-90" LP


BOLT THROWER "The Peel Sessions 1988-90" LP

Euro Import, LP on heavy black vinyl.

This album compiles three complete Peel Sessions. Absolutely crushing performances all the way through.
This is the only recording of the track "Domination." The intro of the song was later used for "Prophet of Hatred."

Tracks 1-4 Recorded 03-01-1988 © BBC 1988
Tracks 5-8 Recorded 06-11-1988 © BBC 1988
Tracks 9-12 Recorded 22-07-1990 © BBC 1990

Track list:

A1 Forgotten Existence
A2 Attack In The Aftermath
A3 Psychological Warfare
A4 In Battle There Is No Law
A5 Drowned In Torment
A6 Eternal War
B1 Realm Of Chaos
B2 Domination
B3 Destructive Infinity
B4 Warmaster
B5 After Life
B6 Lost Souls Domain