16 tracks from the original LP plus the Trader in Death 12" and a comp track. Rips start to finish! 20 tracks total!

F.O.A.D., the second and arguably, best album by Broken Bones fused the ferocity of debut, ‘Dem Bones’ with an added sense of ferocity, melody and power, to become of one of the most important 80’s punk rock albums. Taking the punk rock blue print that was ingrained in their souls and adding a touch of the rising thrash metal movement, it became legendary in that it was and is widely regarded as one of the first Crossover records, and along with DRI, Broken Bones pioneered a movement whose fledgling steps gave rise to both the modern hardcore and metal scenes. Being half studio and half live, F.O.A.D. showed a band equally comfortable in both worlds, from the opening riff happy salvos of F.O.A.D. and ‘Teenage Kamikaze’, through to the incredible live set recorded at the Fulham Greyhound, the album sounds as fresh and vital as it did when it was first recorded nearly twenty years ago and puts ninety nine percent of modern so-called punk rock, hardcore and metal records to shame. For the first time, the ‘Never Say Die’ 12″ has been included as bonus tracks, a record which further highlighted the bands incredible sense of melody, power and rabid energy, which along with FOAD has been re-mastered from the original tapes, upping the Broken Bones ante once more, and with full lyrical accompaniment (that’s what a CD booklets for right?) being included for the first time, prepare to sing-a-long, be loud, be proud and be punk. Sit back, relax, tune in, drop out, press play and prepare to be blown away. It really was and is this good!


F.O.A.D. - Studio Tracks
1 F.O.A.D. 4:15
2 Kick Down The Doors 2:56
3 Teenage Kamikaze 2:21
4 Programme Control 2:56
5 S.O.T.O. 4:02
6 Missing Link 2:25
7 Best Of Both Worlds 2:23

F.O.A.D. - Live Tracks
8 Never Say Die 3:22
9 Decapitated 1 & 2 5:08
10 Problem 2:04
11 Secret Agent 2:53
12 Liquidated Brains 1:44
13 Gotta Get Out Of Here 3:16
14 I.O.U. Nothing 1:23
15 Seeing Through My Eyes 2:36
16 Annihilation Nº3 2:15

Compilation Track
17 Death Is Imminent 2:28

Never Say Die 12"
18 Never Say Die 2:49
19 10, 5 Or A Dime 2:56
20 Got To Get Out Of Here