CHAOS U.K. "Just Mere Slaves" LP


CHAOS U.K. "Just Mere Slaves" LP

Reissue of this Japan only LP released by Selfish Records in 1986.

Euro Import.
LP on black vinyl.

Chaos UK toured Japan in 1985. This LP was originally released as a Japanese bootleg of the set on that tour. This might have been one of the most important tours in the history of both Japanese and UK hardcore, because it exposed a whole generation of Japanese fans to the wild and noisy Bristol Style, while Chaos UK was exposed to the new sounds of Japanese hardcore and then popularized the Japanese bands in the UK and USA.

Track list

1- Rise From The Rubble
2- 4 Minute Warning
3- City Of Dreams
4- Just Mere Slaves

5- Control
6- Victimized
7- No Security
8- Senseless Conflict
9- Farmyard Boogie