CODE 13 "Complete Discography 1994-2000" CD


CODE 13 "Complete Discography 1994-2000" CD

CD in jewelcase packaging

Code 13 was a hardcore band formed by ex-members of Destroy!, including Havoc Records founder Felix Havoc. 50 tracks from these Minneapolis HC/Punk ragers. All the 7"s, comp tracks and one unreleased song, the entire studio output 1994-2000. Fast powerful hardcore, period. Over the years Code 13 became part of a burgeoning scene in Minneapolis, along with bands like Civil Disobecience, State of Fear, Misery, Murderers and Assrash. Code 13 couldn't easily be nailed down as crust, thrash, or street punk, but it was their goal from the start to mix up styles and still have drive an energy.


Doomed Society 1:37
Into The Whirlwind 1:24
Poison Society 1:11
Manufactured Identity 1:03
We Will Fight Them In The Streets 1:04
Off The Pigs 0:36
Spokesman For No One 0:42
The Future Is Futile 1:37
Darkness At Noon 1:28
Dog Kontrol 0:19
Dog Killer 0:50
Cities Will Burn 0:41
Put The Banner Down 0:28
Last Of The Mohicans 1:27
Hardcore For The Kids 1:26
Stay True 1:27
In For The Duration 0:56
Shady Acres 1:02
This Means War 1:11
Send More Cops 0:48
Birth Of Retribution Is Anger 0:54
Armed To The Teeth 0:58
In Your Head 0:54
Club Scene 0:55
Why We Fight 0:58
No Exit 0:24
Lucid Illusion 0:49
Serve For Country 1:33
Rage Against The Mainstream 1:14
Days Of Rage 1:16
The Die Is Cast 0:06
No One In Innocent 0:28
Death Squad El Salvador 0:52
Degenerate Art 0:28
Resistoleros 0:27
Paean 1:28
Give The Kids What They Want 0:59
Mondo Aggro 1:25
Criminal Empire 1:21
Free The Unabomber 1:02
Two Fisted Tales 0:36
Worldwide Hardcore Pride 0:51
Red Dawn / Fuck The Geto Bird 0:49
World War Three 0:57
Mohawks And Moustaches... 0:41
The Crash Out 1:00
Propaganda Control (NOTA) 1:36
Da' Real Deal (NYC Antidote) 1:21
Shadow Of Fear 1:44
Mall Rat Girl (Unreleased) 1:25