DEATH SIDE "The Will Never Die: Singles & V.A. Collection" 2CD


DEATH SIDE "The Will Never Die: Singles & V.A. Collection" 2CD

Absolutely mandatory Japanese hc collection!

Japanese Import.
Double CD in a gatefold mini LP sleeve style digipack w OBI.

If there was a band that could be picked to be synonymous with JAPANESE HARDCORE, it would be the legendary DEATH SIDE. With the latest remaster and wrapped in a glorious album cover, their reissue is here!
This release covers a total of 40 songs ranging from from singles, splits, and compilations; even including songs not included in their original two albums. On this reissue, DEATH SIDE leave their mark once again on the world of hardcore.

Includes all Death Side material compiled from these releases:
Satisfy The Instinct 7" EP
The Will Never Die 7" EP
All Is Here Now 7" EP
Death Side / Chaos UK Split CD

Includes all Death SIde tracks from these compilations:
Various - Eye Of The Thrash Guerrilla LP
Various - Smashing Odds Ness 8" EP
Various - Game Of Death LP
Various - Hang The Sucker Vol. II LP
Various - Starving Dog Eats Master LP


01.Drunk To Much
02.Money Don't Come And Go
03.Look At Yourself
05.Over Nice
06.Self Complacency
07.Black Lie
09.Fool, Fool, Fool
10.Mass Media's Pets
11.Stick & Hole   
12.Blast In Hell
13.Break The Brain
15.Gimmie Lies   
16.Life Is A Chain Of Games
17.Eternity Form
19.Stick & Hole

01.Cry For The Truth
02.Act For Self
03.Brave It out
04.Never Give Up The Fight   
06.Cry For The Truth
07.No Force
08.First And Last
09.Satisfied Life
10.Where Are Your Eyes
14.The Will Never Die
15.Profound Freedom
16.Sow The Grass Seeds
18.Stop It!
19.Overcome Yourself
20.Live Your Life
21.All Is Here Now