DEATH SIDE "Wasted Dream" CD


DEATH SIDE "Wasted Dream" CD

Essential Japanese hardcore punk authorized official reissue!

Japanese Import.

Mandatory Japanese Hardcore album. Ferocious savage well written hardcore punk that defines the Burning Spirits style. Definitely a required listen on repeat.

"The debut LP from Japan's one and only DEATH SIDE has finally received a reissue. Legendary Japanese hardcore at its best. No long-winded glamorizing write-up needed. “Death Side is the greatest hardcore punk band in Japan. They prefer to remain enigmas, hardly ever consenting to do interviews. Yet their popularity has grown tremendously in Japan over time, the four members of Death Side have been converting 100 energy into a pure hardcore explosion while continually adding to their music, mutating and progressing into a beast of their own."

1 Death Side
2 Mirror
3 Cut The Throat
4 Warning
5 Give And Take
6 Circulate Pain
7 Nothing For Others Pride
8 Laugh Til You Die
9 Wall
10 I Live Just My Life
11 Wasted Dream
12 Evil Dreaming
13 Devil In The Hell
14 Never Say Die
15 Political Power
16 Life In Box
17 The Lowest
18 It's Not Only Joke