DISFEAR "Soul Scars" LP


DISFEAR "Soul Scars" LP

Originally released in 1995 via Distortion Records, reissued on vinyl again 25 years later! 100% d-beat crusher!

Forming around 1989, Disfear took elements from both crust and death metal scenes to effectively reinvent the Swedish sound. It is from Disfear's influence that we have seen the likes of Martyrdod, Warcollapse, Wolfpack (now Wolfbrigade), and countless others.

Another innovation made by Disfear was the shift from political commentary on war to the fatalistic and psychological impacts war makes. Again, the band's lyrics also showed influence from the realm of death metal. Gone were the cries for peace and protest against government warmongers and replaced by the resignation that the war was lost. The band's debut LP "Soul Scars" spells this out perfectly. Themes of psychological trauma and irrevocably broken lives from war replaced the politically charged battle cries that Discharge once made.

Soul Scars
Left To Die
The Ultimate Disaster
To Hell And Back
The Price Of Ignorance
All This Fear
Do As You're Told
The True Face Of War
Grim Reality
After The Revival