DOOM "Re-Viled" CD

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DOOM "Re-Viled" CD

A re-mastered / re-titled version of "Fuck Peaceville"

CD in digipack packaging.
Brazilian Import

Previously released as "Fuck Peaceville", this is a re-release of Doom's re-recording of their earlier work. This has been released years ago due to the treatment the band has received from “Peaceville Records”, who sold half the label to “Music For Nations”. This happened after they had assured the band that the recordings wouldn’t fall into the hands of a major label. It contains 37 tracks from their out of print, early Peaceville Records recordings, including the “War Crimes” LP and split LP with No Security, rerecorded with the new line-up and twice as powerful as the originals.


Confusion 3:58
Lifelock 1:33
Slave To Convention 0:54
After The Bomb 1:28
Multinationals 1:54
Circles 0:42
War Crimes 2:04
Relief 1:14
Sold Out 1:55
No Thought 2:43
Free Yourself 2:15
Police Bastard 1:31
War On Our Doorstep 1:14
Obscenity 1:24
Sick Joke 2:34
Exploitation 1:48
Phobia For Change 2:00
A Dream To Come True 1:07
Relief (Part 2) 1:12
Beat The Boss 1:31
Agree To Differ 4:23
Life In Freedom, Governed By Love 0:27
No Religion 2:01
Same Mind 1:52
Drowning In The Mainstream 1:58
Natural Abuse 1:42
Scared 2:18
Bury The Debt (Not The Dead) 1:25
Money Drug 1:33
Fear Of The Future 2:00
Nazi Die 2:05
Diseased 1:11
Days Go By 2:07
Stop Gap System 1:34
Black Monday 1:38
Means To An End 4:44
Bastard File In The Urethra Of Paul Halmshaw 2:24