DOOM "World Of Shit" LP


DOOM "World Of Shit" LP

Essential reissue of their 2001 album!!

Euro Import, LP on heavy black vinyl housed in a heavy board sleeve..

Just when thought everything was right in the world, Doom drops by to piss on your parade. These crust masters haven't changed a lot since the '80s; they're still angry and in your face about it. Subtlety is not in the Doom lexicon. 11 songs of Discharge-influenced charcoal colored crusty hardcore punk.

"Doom have never been big on subtlety, and here there is no change in direction. They continue on with the tried and true sound they pioneered in the late '80s.." -Sonarize Records


A1 Religious Disease
A2 Immobile Phoney
A3 Six Billion People, One Planet
A4 In It For Cash
A5 Can't Smell The Coffee
A6 Piece 'O' White Trash
B1 World Of Shit
B2 Just Another Day
B3 Fascist Institution
B4 Post Death Regression
B5 Home In A Box..