DS-13 "Killed By The Kids" LP


DS-13 "Killed By The Kids" LP

150gram black vinyl

Swedish friends Dropdead played with and kept up a friendship with over the many years from the 1990's until today. Straight up hardcore punk done right. Check out EXIL too, a new ex DS-13 band that does not disappoint.

Raging hardcore from Umea, Sweden. Unlike a lot of Swedish bands this is more of an old school US hardcore sound than the Swedish Discharge influenced sound. More a mix of early DRI, Minor Threat, Agnostic Front, and Seven Seconds. Really powerful and pissed off hardcore.
This LP was recorded at a top studio in Stockholm, features original cover art by Pushead himself. DS-13's sound on this is similar to the first album, but the sound has progressed (regressed) into a more early 80's raw thrash sound. The guitars are less distorted and grindy sounding than on the early releases. This gives the album a sort of raw intensity that allows the songwriting and energy to come out full force rather than behind a wall of distorted noise. I would compare DS-13 to early 80's HC bands like Minor Threat, Poison Idea and such, but I really feel they have a distinct hardcore sound all their own.

1 Lie 0:47
2 Vi Skatar, Dom Dör 0:54
3 DIY Killed By The Kids 0:42
4 In The Name Of The Revolution 1:11
5 We're Hardcore, You're Not 1:28
6 Bastard Bizkit 1:00
7 Stöld 1:16
8 I Am The Bastard 1:15
9 Nato Sucks 1:11
10 Proletarian Song 0:46
11 Watch Out 1:10
12 Umeå Hardcore 1:11
13 Not My Fight 1:16
14 Technology Crisis 1:02
15 I Don't Trust You 0:50
16 I Don't Need You 1:04
17 Trash Lifestyle 0:43
18 I Don't Wanna Be A Skinhead 1:02
19 Total War 1:54
20 C.I.S.S. 1:20
21 What's The Point? 1:09
22 Media Blitz 2:36