E.A.T.E.R. "Doomsday Troops" 7" EP


E.A.T.E.R. "Doomsday Troops" 7" EP
(E.A.T.E.R. aka Ernst And The Edsholm Rebels)

Black vinyl with insert.

Originally released in 1984, found some dead stock copies of the US 2013 reissue!

Crucial re issue of this early 80's Swedish HC punk classic. Originally released in 1983 this one rides the line between raw Swedish HC like Anti-Cimex and more straight forward Punk bands like Bristles, or Asta Kask. The title track is a hardcore rager, with the songs on the slip being a bit more in the UK Punk mold.

”Not to be confused with the '77 U.K. punk band Eater, this Swedish group (Ernst And The Edsholm Rebels) floor down on the acceleration and rapidly hit fast, lightning doses of 1000-m.p.h. thrash mayhem. An outrageous display of burning speed and mind-boggling turbulence, combined with chaotic chops of lyrical expression. Don't be fooled by the hilarious intro to the title cut--this EP hauls its load fast and furious in the new Swedish tradition.” - Pushead (from Maximum Rock'n'Roll #13, 1984).

Written and performed by Ernst And the Edsholm Rebels.
Recorded, mixed and produced by Micke Blomqvist at KAAS, Töreboda July 30th and July 31st, 1983.

Guitars and backing vocals - Gröten
Bass - Brännström
Drums and backing vocals - Pelle
Lead vocals - Micke

Band-logo designed by Micke Blomqvist.


Side A
Doomsday Troops
Side AA
Anxiety Attack
I Rule My Life O.K.