ELECTRO HIPPIES "The Only Good Punk..." LP


ELECTRO HIPPIES "The Only Good Punk..." LP

Essential reissue of their 1987 album!!

Euro Import, LP on heavy black vinyl housed in a heavy board sleeve..

Hailing from the former northern mining town of Wigan, between Manchester and Liverpool, the short-lived Electro Hippies were a band like no other, saluted as icons of crust punk and proto-grindcore. Following some cassette demos, a shared LP with Newcastle’s Generic and a Peel session, debut LP "The Only Good Punk…Is A Dead One" surfaced on Peaceville with twenty songs, all clocking in at under two minutes (around half being less than 60 seconds). Highly political, deeply ironic, and with a snatch of Black Sabbath in the mix, The Only Good Punk is the band at their blistering best, the peak that preceded their ultimate downfall. Jeff Walker (Carcass) was a member for a while in their early days.

"A great blend of high energy, thought-provoking lyrics, and hyper-power thrash. Songs blaze forth some intense 100-MPH thrash in the vein of much American hardcore. Good loud stuff!!" MRR - Martin Sprouse


A1 Faith
A2 Acid Rain
A3 Run Ronald
A4 Scum
A5 B.P.
A6 Unity
A7 Terroreyes
A8 So Wicked
A9 Profit
A10 Freddy's Revenge
B1 Mistake
B2 Things of Beauty
B3 Protest
B4 Gas Joe Pearce
B5 Lies
B6 Tortured Tears
B7 Turkeys
B8 D.I.Y. (Not D.R.I.)
B9 Suck
B10 Deception