EXPLOATOR "Avgrundens Brant" LP


EXPLOATOR "Avgrundens Brant" LP

Raging Swedish hardcore d-beat mangel done right, by longtime players!

150gram black vinyl.
Euro import.

2nd album from this "all-star" raw punk / d-beat band coming out from Sweden. If you miss Totalitär - you are at the right place. Why "all-star" band? Just imagine current line-up members and their experiences in bands like Warcollapse, Slutet, Totalitär (eh!), Dischange, Krigshot, Makabert Fynd, Dissekerad, Krig I Hudik, Katastrof, Institution, Brainbombs, Napalm A.D., Desperate Fix, Kvoteringen, Meanwhile, Disfear, No Security or Ääritila ... and many more. This is album of the year!


"Avgrundens Brant"
1 Kapitalet Flödar 1:29
2 Lögner Växer 1:52
3 Direkt Reaktion 1:36
4 Uttråkad 1:58
5 Vanvettet Kommer 1:41
6 Avhumanisering 1:47
7 Avgrundens Brant 2:11
8 Tragedi 1:37
9 Döden Tar Tag 1:16
10 Döda Sinnen 1:02