Awesome EP with a couple unearthed unreleased tracks from their era defining and life changing EARSLAUGHTER session from split with Chaos UK

Ltd Black vinyl in 2 sided foldout sleeve.
Japanese Import.

Here are three songs recorded for the Earslaughter split with CHAOS U.K. in December 1986. Only one of the songs went onto the split "False Prophet", and the other two songs were never played live or released in any other way. Basically, no one has heard the songs "Tear it Down" and "What a State" since that recording session at the end of 1986. Unfortunately these songs are so underground that Dean Jones himself couldn't find or remember the lyrics.
This ep is the first ever recording with Mick Harris (Napalm Death) on the drum kit, all other members are the original lineup.
Three crust as fuck songs in a blistering four minutes, this is mid 80’s English punk at arguably it’s most aggressive era. The bass is tuned high and is very clear, the guitar also tuned kinda high and becomes a maelstrom of bludgeoning force at top speed. Classic dual high / low vocals, as always barely intelligible since they sing so damned fast. What A State is the first recorded time that these guys us the blast beat, and they nail it down perfectly in short brutal bursts of absolute rage.
Cover art concept by the guy who found the tapes, Dean Jones himself. Inside is some cool photos of the band during recording. Songs were remixed and mastered at Springvale Studios in Ipswish England during June 2013 by Dean Jones and others. This is a must have for fans of the original lineup of ENT.


A1 Tear It Down
A2 What A State
B False Prophet