FETISH "World Eater" CD


FETISH "World Eater" CD

Ex-POISON IDEA and some LONG KNIFE folks drop a riff filled searing blast of hardcore punk. Lifers doing it right!

Japanese CD version ltd to 500 copies.

Japanese Import.

Portland, Oregon’s Fetish have forged and unsheathed their debut full-length album, and it’s destined to be one the defining punk rock records of the decade. Featuring Poison Idea members Steve “Thee Slayer Hippy” Hanford, Eric “Vegetable” Olsen, and later-era Poison Idea guitarist Brandon Bentley, along with three members of Long Knife, ( Colin Jarrell, Scott Goto, and Chris Reid). Produced by Steve Hanford (Poison Idea, Final Warning), engineered by legendary producer Billy Anderson (High on Fire, Neurosis, Sick of it All, Melvins), this is everything you would hope for, and with added suprises. And, if I’m honest, Poison Idea haven’t sounded this good since the days of War All The Time and Feel The Darkness. Essential, my lovelies.

1 World Eater
2 Take The Knife
3 Blurred Projections
4 Voyager
5 New Gods
6 In The Basement
7 Ride On
8 The Walk
9 Walk In Shapes
10 A House Is Not A Motel