IDORA "Idora" CD

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IDORA "Idora" CD

Long running Japanese hardcore punk band's 1st proper album album after a bunch of Eps and compilation appearances!

CD in jewel case packaging, includes sticker.
Japanese import.

The 1st album of the masterpiece released in 2000 by the hardcore punk band IDORA, who has been based in Tokyo and has been at their own pace since the 1980s. IDORA has participated in many of Tokyo hardcores special projects and omnibus such as Best Run Fast, Louder Than God, Neo Hardcore Tale, including Smashing Odds Ness comp. By Odds Ness Records, which was run by guitarist Toshiya himself. Although it is composed of the early classic numbers, it surpasses the songs provided by singles and Comps so far, and it is exactly like the culmination of the early IDORA. It's hardcore, thrash, punk, rock, and a little psychedelic, awesome!

1 Fall Down 2:30
2 Disport Illusion 2:16
3 Absent Time 8:59
4 No More Life 1:46
5 Double Bind 4:53
6 Wake Up 4:28
7 Never Mind 4:16
8 Not Communzation 4:17
9 Sight Less For Eyes 4:01
10 Break Out 2:36
11 Last Sentence 3:38
12 Good Bye 4:37