INSULT "The Moshpit Is Our Sabbath" LP


INSULT "The Moshpit Is Our Sabbath" LP

LP on ltd to 200 black vinyl with 2 sided 12x12 insert
Euro Import

Brutal crushing and furious powerviolence from the turn of the century.
For fans of of early Spazz, No Le$$, No Comply, Deadbodieseverywhere and the fastest parts of Plutocracy.
This cult release came out before "powerviolence" became a stand alone style, and it's a perfect example of how this genre should sound - rabid, menacing and absolutely out of control... a masterful blend of speed and ferocious hardcore.

Released originally in early 2000 and newly remastered in 2021 by Erwin Hermsen of Toneshed Studio.
New artwork done by Szymon Siech.

1 Dinner Is Served 0:26
2 Sweet Revenge 1:33
3 Yellow 1:26
4 Deathcamps 1:19
5 Föhn-Rock 1:26
6 Time Does Not Heal 0:26
7 Devour 1:33
8 One Inch Too Far 0:47
9 To Blame 1:13
10 Frustrated 0:59
11 Insanity Reigns Supreme