KORO "700 Club" 7" EP


KORO "700 Club" 7" EP

Essential USHC reissue done right!

Euro Import
7" on Ltd Blue vinyl (UK distributors exclusive color)

A repress of one of the best hardcore records ever, Koro's 1983 7" EP. Originally released in a small, self-released pressing, over the decades this monster's reputation has continued to grow, and collectors now have to fork over well over a grand for an original pressing. This one is too good for the scum to keep to themselves, though, a hyper-compact explosion of energy that can hold its own next to any landmark early 80s hardcore punk record you want to compare it to.

This 2023 pressing aims to replicate the original look and feel of the original as closely as possible, with an offset-printed sleeve on legal size paper. It's as close as you can get to the original without missing a mortgage payment.

***This is the UK exclusive edition available only from Static Shock Records and La Vida Es Un Mus.

Track list:

1. 700 Club 00:52
2. Selfless Johnny 00:39
3. It's OK 00:57
4. Government 00:41
5. Dear Sirs 00:49
6. Blap! 00:38
7. Nauseous 00:56
8. Acid Casualty 00:37