KUROISHI "Sound The Alarm" CD


KUROISHI "Sound The Alarm" CD

Finnish D-beat meets Burning Spirits hardcore punk destruction, heavy and well written songs delivered furiously. Great!

Japanese Import.

Finland’s d-beat hardcore punk band Kürøishi is finally dropping their monster second LP “Sound The Alarm”.

While the sold-out first LP “Poverty. Ignorance. Greed. Slavery” stemmed from a traditional Scandinavian style of “Tragedy via Wolfbrigade”, “Sound the Alarm” LP leans a lot more on a tasteful Japanese hardcore influence.

The Tragedy heaviness and bleak atmosphere is still prevalent, with crushing dirges and desperate melodic riffing, but here the songs are more guitar-focused, with blazing guitar leads and huge epic guitar solos pumping adrenaline to the extreme. Set that to high-charge tempos and throw in some big gang choruses with guest appearances from bands like Think Again/ Systematic Death, NoLA, No Excuse, Vivisektio and Rotten Sound, and you’ve got your winter soundtrack all sorted out. Powerhouse shit, one of the best records in my life right now. Patience paid off.

Recorded and mixed by Antti Lindholm at Boat Island Studio April – July 2019 and mastered by Jack Control at Enormous Door Mastering (Martyrdöd, Forward, Framtid etc.).

“Sound The Alarm” comes with a sleeve drawn and painted by none other than the true japanese artist and legend Akihiko “Sugi” Sugimoto himself.

Black Lung
Peace Is Victory
Ahneuden Juuret
Nihilismistä Rakkauteen
Too Damned To Be Dead
No Values
Apocalyptic Stress
What Keeps Us Alive
Numbers & Asteroids