MOBS "Mobs: 1983 Demo + Live" LP


MOBS "Mobs: 1983 Demo + Live" LP

A longtime Dropdead favorite and influence, wish it was a legit reissue, but essential nonetheless. Raw raging Japanese hardcore punk. Mandatory!

European import.
150gram black vinyl reissue.

Killer Japanese punk! Includes their 1983 demo and a high-quality soundboard live set from 1986, both previously unreleased on vinyl.
Mobs were an 80s hardcore band from Japan who mixed gritty hardcore in the vein of Kuro or L.S.D. with some goth-ish elements. This LP raids the rest of the officially released Kill ‘em All CD, taking the demo tracks and live set that appeared on that disc and putting them on vinyl. (By the way, the cheapest copy of the Kill ‘em All CD on Discogs will set you back over $200.) The demo tracks sound great, at least as good as or better than their debut EP, Diabolism, and three of the tracks are exclusive to that demo. As for the live set, the recording is raw but clear and heavy, and features several more unreleased tracks..


1983 Demo Tracks
A1 Die Off
A2 Fuck Peace And Ultra
A3 Jusus Christ ~ Charisma

Hardcore Unlawful Assembly 1984 Tracks
A4 Charisma
A5 No More Heroes

Live At Bourbon House Aug. 7th 1986
B1 No More Heroes
B2 Explode
B3 Stead Fast
B4 Stormy Night
B5 Hyena
B6 Evil Spirit
B7 Charisma