NEUROOT "Neurology 1983-2019" 2CD


NEUROOT "Neurology 1983-2019" 2CD

2CD Complete discography of this Dutch hardcore/punk/crossover band's entire recorded output!
Japanese Import.

The Dutch 80's HARDCORE hidden band "NEUROOT" has released a discography CD to coincide with their first tour to Japan!
From the self-produced tape (later reissued on LP), the sound source for the split with Fratricide (later released under the title Right Is Might), which was scheduled to be released from Pusmort but was stored only in the test press.
In recent years, live sound sources have also been recorded, and it is a 2CD specification with a ridiculous volume. Everyone may like the early Euro-colored hardcore attack sound, but I would like you to experience the hard-core feeling of the work in recent years. This is wonderful with the expert hardcore sound that widely absorbed. - Translated from Japanese BTR


"Disc 1"
●from NAZI-FREI EP (Artcore Fanzine 2019)
02.World War III
03.City Boy
04.American Dream
05.Tolerance (slight return)

●from OBUY AND DIE! Album (Civilizaton Recs. 2018)
06.Obuy and Die!
07.Tolerance (No Pasaran)
08.Conformity Kills
09.Never ending Wars
10.Rattrap (part 1 & 2)
11.The Aftermath

●from PLEAD INSANITY Album (Hageland Hardcore recs.1988)
13.4th Roman Empire
14.Going Mad
15.Nightmare of Humanity
16.The End
19.Broken Will
20.Politicians & Businessmen
21.The Curse of Wealth
22.Hungry Children
23.World War III
24.Heavy Metals
25.Macht Kaputt Wass Euch Kaputt Macht

"Disc 2"
●from RIGHT IS MIGHT EP (Smeul recs. 1985) / Album ( Havoc Recs. 2012)
01.(Wir) Sind die Ratten vom Müll
02.Politicians & Businessmen
04.The Lie They call The Truth
05.Nightmare of Humanity
06.World War III

●from MACHT KAPUTT WASS EUCH KAPUTT MACHT Album (Coalition / Prügelprinz 2009 / Music Casette (Smeul recs / Limbabwe 1982)
09.Police Provocation
10.Dogs of the System
11.GBO Gestapo
12.Won’t Conform
13.Macht Kaputt Wass Euch Kaputt Macht
14.State Brain
15.Royal Menace

"Live tracks"
●from Live Willemeen Arnhem (NL) 2017
18.Broken Will
19.Politicians & Businessmen
20.The Lie They call The Truth
●from Punkathon sampler 2017
21.Broken Will
22.American Dream
●from Live Chonqing (CN) Nuts july 2018
23.Conformity Kills
24.Obuy and Die!
●from Live Rotterdam Baroeg (NL)august 2018
25.The Lie they call the Truth
26.World War III