RUDIMENTARY PENI / NICK BLINKO "The Sketchbooks of Nick Blinko" BOOK


RUDIMENTARY PENI / NICK BLINKO "The Sketchbooks of Nick Blinko" BOOK


Awesome authentic reproduction of one of Nick's sketchbooks. Beautifully done!!

124 pages, Euro Import

Nearly 40 years ago, Nick regularly drew in the popular Daler A6 sketchbooks, with a handy perforation to remove single sheets. Far from being mere sketchbooks they contain so much more than simple drafts, there are countless fully realised artworks in here, one of the books is a skull/skeleton themed booklet, another one contains drawings which are easily among the most detailed, disturbing and fascinating work Nick has created, rumour has it that Coil's John Balance at one point even tried to pinch one of these easily-pocketed books.

Nick was awarded the grand prix of the prestigious “Triennial of Self-taught Visionary Art” at Belgrade in February of this year. This book is effectively the first career-spanning retrospective publication many fans of his have been asking for. We believe that Blinko's art perfectly gels with the Zagava aesthetic and it has been a joy and a privilege to work on this particular publication, we believe that Zagava reader's who might not be aware of Nick's sleeve art for his own band Rudimentary Peni or his one-off art for Coil, the Lovecraft volume he has illustrated or the two previous volumes David Tibet has published under his Coptic Cat imprint, will find much to enjoy in this book.

To gaze upon Nick Blinko’s artwork is to gaze into insanity. The Rudimentary Peni frontman has made this topic the core of his work for about forty years, both sonically and visually. Fearlessly, he has let us, the listener/viewer, see the world through his eyes which is often tortured, scared, and very, very, very dark.

Rudimentary Peni covers are as distinctive and as powerful as the music itself. So, over the past decade or so, Blinko has gotten the same recognition he deserves for his pen-and-ink works that he enjoys with his indelible band.