NUCLEAR CULT "A Beautiful Day... To Go Fuck Yourself" LP


NUCLEAR CULT "A Beautiful Day... To Go Fuck Yourself" LP

NUCLEAR CULT are long time Dropdead friends and Berlin punk/hc family, doing what they love to do, making fast as fuck angry no bullshit ripping hardcore. Released by another long time friend Jos from Seein' Red/Lärm via his label Autoreverse Records.

Euro Import.
This is ltd to 100 on Red vinyl and exclusive to Armageddon Label/

LP comes packaged in a screenprinted foldover outer sleeve designed and printed by Brian Stern/Bad Skulls, and includes a 2 sided 12x12 lyric insert.

Please note: We had the wraparound sleeves designed and printed when the normal LP jackets all arrived with corner dings/creases that happened while in transit from Europe to the USA. Instead of throwing them out we are still including them - regardless of the fact that they all have slight defects.

>>> Limit 2 per customer.

Debut LP by NUCLEAR CULT delivers a relentless barrage of blazing hardcore punk. Hailing from Berlin NC is made up of longtime friends who've been in bands for decades - including bands like Y, SM-70, Pink Flamingos, Stalker, Solid Decline, Cyness and more. True old school DIY veterans and lifers still raging as hard as ever! No grindcore, no 6th wave power violence, just fast hardcore.

Track Listing:

Utopia Kommt 0:32
Homo Exzellensis 0:30
Liebe Wie Krieg 0:24
Kleine Ärsche 1:00
Folienkartoffel 0:34
Anatom 0:24
Funplanet 1:04
Recht Auf Staat 0:35
Ich Komme 0:30
Robocop 1:01
Freizeitgeriat 0:32
Skate To Hell 1:51
Instantkarma 0:16
Jungbullentrainer 0:52
Legalize Den Scheiss 1:01
Blühend Land 1:13
Die Hood 1:17
Ultra-Violence 0:29
Hallo Echo 0:43
Pfeifenmeister 1:24
Dorfbulle 1:26