PLANET ON A CHAIN "Culture Of Death" LP Exclusive Color Vinyl


PLANET ON A CHAIN "Culture Of Death" LP


POAC are long time Dropdead friends and to us, family, doing what they love to do: some making no bullshit ripping hardcore.

LP on Ltd. Yellow vinyl exclusive to Armageddon Label in the USA

A lot has happened in the year since Revelation Records released PLANET ON A CHAIN’s debut LP, Boxed In. The band added second guitar player Al Blotto from ACTS OF SEDITION, THE BLOTTOS, MUTILATED TONGUE, and SCREAMING FIST, played a string of shows in California with GORILLA BISCUITS and URBAN SPRAWL, and on the East Coast with DROPDEAD, released an LP on Revelation of re-recorded demo songs, and somehow became faster, tighter, and more P.O.A.C. than ever before.
For the uninitiated, PLANET ON A CHAIN, or P.O.A.C. for the sake of brevity, is the confluence of members of some of the underground’s most dynamic and explosive bands going back to the late ’90s. Vocalist Dave Ackerman fronted New Jersey’s TEAR IT UP and DEAD NATION, while being backed by members of Bay Area, CA, vets from bands like DEAD AND GONE, PUNCH, LOOK BACK AND LAUGH, TALK IS POISON, and many, many more. The output is fast, raw, hardcore punk that welcomes freaks of all walks of life.
This is hardcore music played by true lifers who never dropped out and returned only to relive past glory, who have continued to push their own creativity and capabilities for multiple decades. This is hardcore music with no tough pose or violence for the sake of violence. This is hardcore music delivered
in the early scene’s spirit of playing punk music as fast as humanly possible but with eyes kept firmly on the present and future.

This is PLANET ON A CHAIN’s Culture Of Death.

Track Listing:

1. We All Fall
2. Invalidation
3. Culture Of Death
4. What You Fear
5. Kingsnake
6. About To End
1. Cocalero
2. Buried In A Lie
3. Whole
4. Single Use
5. Ready To Strike
6. Nothing Left