RATTUS "Stolen Life" CD

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RATTUS "Stolen Life" CD

A re-mastered / re-titled version of "Fuck Peaceville"

CD in digipack packaging.
Brazilian Import

30 year anniversary CD reissue of the of the only English language album by RATTUS, originally released in 1986 on NegFX Records,
Freshly remastered and reissued with deluxe digipack packaging.
Classic Finnish hardcore here with some crossover thrash influence, as many of the HC bands coming from the first 80s wave grew into sound wise. An underrated ripping album!

1 Troops Of Dark Force
2 Stolen Life
3 Bad Dreams
4 Black Clouds
5 A Moment Before Death
6 Poor Boy
7 Sleep In Boothill
8 Nobody Can Help
9 Geronimo
10 Will....?